Waf Awards

World Architecture Festival Awards Party

Christopher Hall

Christopher is an award-winning graduate from interior design & environment architecture at Ravensbourne in 2012. During his time there he acted as the first president of The institute of IDEAs and was given the prestigious position as Creative Director of Ravensbourne2012. Christopher co-founded SomeThinkFunky late in 2011 and has curated two exhibitions to date. He has worked as a freelancer alongside Harper Downie, Millington Associates and Desitecture to name a few, as well as working full time with Gensler. Later this year Christopher will be curating exhibitions in Puerto Rico and London as well as having instillations situated around East London and the South Bank. He has lectured at Ravensbourne for Ravensbourne2012, at UCA, In galleries across East London and as part of PSFK’s London 2012 Conference

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Leroy Kerry

Leroy Kerry is a 3rd Year Architecture student and Designer studying at Ravensbourne, at Ravensbourne he is currently the President of The Institute of IDEAs, Ravensbourne Ambassador and Ravensbourne Student Representative, He works as a Designer at Desitecture, Architectural Intern at ALL Design (Alsop Lawrie) and is a Blogger for Architecture Will Kill You.

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Layton Reid

Layton Reid is a designer and academic whose work encompasses practice based research and consultancy.
Layton is currently Head of Interior Design Environment Architectures and Architecture at Ravensbourne, Chairman of IE, the national subject group for Interior Educators and is engaged in the design through Desitecture.blogspot publishing research practice.

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Petr Esposito

Petr Esposito graduated from Ravensbourne in 2011 with a 1st Ba(Hons) Interior Design Environment Architecture
Having worked at Foster & Partners he has now moved to The Bartlett to study an MA in Architecture.


Greg Epps

Greg Epps is a Senior Lecturer at Ravensbourne on the IDEAs and Architecture course. Working with live projects ranging from instillations, educational workshops and architectural interventions.


Darren Farrell

Darren is a Sessional Lecturer at Ravensbourne and Architect for Desitecture.
Research interests include the investigation of graphic and other 2D interfaces, motion and still, and relationships between virtual and physical actualities of the built environment and their impact on the subconscious.